Changes in vSphere editions and costs

VMware has recently announced that the vSphere Enterprise edition will be in End of Availability (“EoA”) by the end of June 2016. With the Enterprise edition, vSphere with Operations Management Standard and vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise will be EoA too. After these dates, you will only be able to purchase these products on an exception basis

VMware has also announced price changes for vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus from $4,245 per CPU to $4,395 per CPU, and VMware vCenter Server™ Standard from $4,995 per instance to $5,995 per instance (this pricing is for for the U.S.; regional prices will vary, please refer to regional pricing resources). The price increases will be effective April 1, 2016.

VMware justify this with the purpose of simplify the core vSphere and vSphere with Operations Management product lineup but, I think, it’s also a way to push customers to move to the Enterprise Plus edition and to vRealize Operations.

Features does not change and remain the same of the vSphere 6.0:

Product Features Standard vSphere Enterprise Plus vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus
Business Continuity and Security
+ Cross vSwitch
+ Cross vSwitch / Cross vCenter / Long Distance
+ Cross vSwitch / Cross vCenter / Long Distance
Storage vMotion  x  x x
High Availability  x  x  x
Data Protection  x  x  x
Fault Tolerance 2-vCPU 4-vCPU 4-vCPU
vShield Endpoint  x  x  x
vSphere Replication  x  x  x
Hot Add  x (added in v6)
 x  x
Resource Prioritization and Enhanced Application Performance
Virtual Volumes  x  x  x
Storage Policy-Based Management  x  x  x
Reliable Memory  x  x
Big Data Extensions  x  x
Virtual Serial Port Concentrator  x  x
Distributed Resources Scheduler (DRS), Distributed Power Management (DPM)  x  x
Storage DRS  x  x
Storage I/O Control  x  x
Network I/O Control  x  x
Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) Support  x  x
Automated Administration and Provisioning
Content Library  x x  x
Storage APIs for Array Integration, Multipathing  x x  x
Distributed Switch x
Host Profiles andAuto Deploy x  x
Operations Management
Consistent Management  x
Intelligent Operations  x
Operations Automation  x
Workload Balancing  x

vCenter Server Standard will also provide a 25 Operating System Instance (OSI) pack of vRealize Log Insight for vCenter Server.

Existing customers can continue to use their vSphere Enterprise licenses or upgrade to th eEnterprise Plus using a promotion for the upgrade. They could also decide to downlgrade to the Standard Edition but it’s not an easy decision because of the loosing of several features downgrading from Enterprise to the Standard. The End of Support (EOS) date for vSphere Enterprise is March 12, 2020 for VMware customers who wish to remain on their current editions.

For new customers or new projects, this new license could generate some problem: new purchase and maintenance prices can have a bad impact on budget especially if we take in consideration new Windows Server 2016 licensing (where MS moved from socket to core license). This could be a minus for many small reality (especially in Italy).

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