How to Disable VMware HA for individual VM using VM Overrides option

To disable VMWare HA for individual VM in DRS cluster, Login to vCenter Server using vSphere Web Client -> Select the HA Cluster -> Configure ->VM Overrides -> Click “Add”


In the Add VM Overrides option, Click on “+” symbol to add the virtual machines.

Select the virtual machine or group of virtual machines which you want to disable HA using VM Overrides option. Click on Ok.

Select the option “Disabled” under the VM restart priority drop-down to disable HA for individual VM.  By default, VM restart priority for any VM is ” Use Cluster Settings”. Click on Ok.

Once VM restart priority is selected, Click on Ok.

Once the VM overrides is configured for the virtual machine. You can check configured VM Overrides and its vSphere HA Restart priority under “VM overrides” option of the HA cluster.

That’s all.

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