Install vCloud Automation Center 6 (vCAC 6) – part 2 – Identity Appliance

VMware Identity Appliance is a preconfigured virtual appliance that provides Single Sign-On capabilities for vCloud Automation Center solution. However, if you have vSphere 5.5b deployed already, you can use vCenter SSO as and identity instance for vCAC deployment.


Using vSphere web client, right click on your Datacenter and select “Deploy OVF Template…”


Select Virtual Machine name and destination folder. then select where to run the deployed template and its storage location.

Choose the networks to use and then customize the ovf properties (root pwd, host name, IP, etc)



Once the appliance is fully deployed and powered on:

  • Browse to https://<appliance FQDN>:5480 and log in using root credentials
  • Set up time settings, I use my internal NTP server1
  • On the SSO tab enter password for administrator in system domain vsphere.local2
  • On host settings tab type FQDN of identity appliance and append SSO port 7444 to host name (in my case it is vcia.qtest.local:7444)2a
  • generate self-signed SSL certificate or import signed one (I used a self-signed certificate)3
  • On AD tab, you can join appliance to an Active Directory domain4
  • At this point, the Identity Appliance is ready to be used




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