Install vRealize Operations Manager 6 – part 2

In this post we will complete first configurations and we’ll add a vCenter to vRealize Operations. We will also add a new node to our vROPS cluster.

First configurations and adding of a vCenter

Connect to the Admin UI of vROPS using admin user. At this time we didn’t yet configured the active directory authentication.


Select New Environment, Import Environment is used to import data from a vCenter Operation Manager 5.x. Accept the EULA


Add vROPS Product Key or go on with the Evaluation mode


Click Finish to complete the wizard.


At this point vROPS will redirect you to the page you can see below where we will configure a vCenter Solution to collect data. vRealize Operations uses “Solution” instead of adapter. In version 6, a “Solution” can have muliple adapters. The default solution is the vSphere solution that is composed by two adapters. One is the vCenter Adapter that collects data, the second is a python Actions Adapter that is used to apply remediation actions via vROPS.


Add an adapter of each type and save before proceed further.


In the monitoring goals section, I chose the following policy:

  • All vSphere objects
  • Health alerts…
  • Risk alerts…
  • Efficiency alerts…
  • Overcommit both CPU and Memory
  • Include both Network IO and Storage IO


Complete the wizard and at the end of the operation you should be able to see the two adapters in the Data Receiving state.


It will take some time to collected first data and start with the aalysis but the result should be like this (or something like this)


Adding a new node to the cluster

Go to URL (or to the IP) of the addictional node and select Expand an Existing Installation:



Specify node type (Data or Remote Collector) and add the FQDN or the IP of Master Node, then click Validate


Use the admin password or the shared pass-phrase you received (a shared pass-phare can be generate inside the Master Node UI)


Complete the wizard to add the new node.

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