My VCP6-DCV Delta Beta Exam Experience

I recently took the VCP6-DCV Delta Exam beta. I have never taken a VMware beta exam before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Reading old posts about previous version of Beta Exam I expected lots of questions with bad grammar and horrible spelling. However I got something a bit different.

I sat down and as usual started the exam. After the initial “Welcome to the Exam” screen which stated I would have 75 questions in 125 minutes (95 + 30 minute of time extension since english is not my primary language). I was expecting some survey questions or introduction to the beta, but unexpectedly I was immediately dropped into the test. About 50 minutes later I finished and felt pretty good, the only bad news was I will have to wait 8-10 weeks after the beta exam concludes to have my results. This means I will probably know the result late this summer.

Exam Preparation

I started studying, as usual, from the Exam Blueprint (this time there isn’t a PDF version, just a simple online version). I also built my lab and did some practice (the main purpose of this is to prepare for the VCIX DCV exam I want to take asap once released but this is another story).

Take a deep look to the new functions like the new vCenter architecture, the vCSA and the upgrade paths. Don’t forget technologies like VSAN or vSphere Replication.

…and also don’t ONLY expect question on vSphere 6.0 or at least don’t think you can only have question on what’s new in vSphere 6.0. I found some question that are also valid for older vSphere versions.

Some thoughts

Since this was a beta exam, I would have appreciated if there had been the ability to add some notes for each question on the exam. There were some questions that would of benefited from user feedback, I know beta exams are there to really test the end user and I think that being able to provide feedback would helped the beta process.

Anyway, keep calm and let’s wait for the result.

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