VMware Tools 10.3.2 Released to fix PSOD of 10.3.0

Most of VMware customers faced PSOD issue due to VMware tools version 10.3.0 on the virtual machines.This PSOD is due to the bug in the version for Windows OS and VMware has informed their customers about this issue.

This version affecting only vSphere 6.5 customers and for fixing this VMware has released VMware tools 10.3.2 and made the 10.3.0 version deprecated.
In Addition with 10.3.2 release VMware included AppDefense a security management and monitoring solution. This AppDefense agent can be installed on the guest virtual machine using the VMware Tools installer.

VMware Tools cannot install the AppDefense component automatically, you have install this component manually.
VMware releases new VMware tools to provide improvement of functionality or a problem, which occurred in the previous release for customers. And you can update VMware tools for VMs using different methods manually, automatically after esxi update or use Manager (VUM) after uploading the tools VIB file.

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